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Taxi Marseille 2017. 20 лет спустя.

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Обзор и тест-драйв автомобиля Peugeot 406 1999 года выпуска, стилизованного под культовое такси из одноименного фильма Люка Бессона. 3.0L V6 190 л.с. атмосферный бензиновый мотор, кастомный салон и внешка.

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The Peugeot museum is in France? I don't know where it is. I don't like Peugeot. Why did you buy a Peugeot? Because of the Luc Besson 'Taxi' movies?.

: I don't wanna work my ass off to pay off my car credit my whole like. So I got a Peugeot. Why? : Camry. : You were supposed to buy a Camry..

You can't just pass by, right, Dima? People stop to stare, take photos. If you buy an R8 you won't get as much hype. Oh, another party. Look, those bikers are about to come up. Check that out. I'm telling ya. Hi, everyone. LOUD SOUND here with a very unusual review. Because today we're reviewing a dream car. Everyone dreamt of this country when the Luc Besson movie 'Taxi' first hit theaters in -what? - 1998?.

So it's been almost 20 years now. And this car is the same age as the movie. It was produced in 1999. And despite its age, it can still beat some of the German cars.

Everyone saw in the movie how it bat two 124-er wolves. I don't believe it. It was all post production. But today, we have a real car with a 3 L V6 engine, 190 HP..

We tried racing on the highway, and it did win the BMW by a notch. It did speed up to 200 km/h (125 mph)..

Did it pretty slowly, but until 150 km/h, the dynamics is still great. In 1999, these cars were restyled, and the engines were renewed. And the engine here became more powerful - 207 HP..

In this very car, the engine is the old one, so it's 190 HP. The engine is the one before the restyling while the body, on the contrary, is restyled. Very, very restyled..

After the factory restyling, Dima, the owner - who, btw, is filming me right now - did some extra tuning.

Making the car an exact replica of the favous Taxi Marseille from the movie, from the second one, right?.

The bumper appeared in the second movie. I googled it, and turns out, in the first movie, the car was a lot simpler.

In the second part, those air intake units on the roof appeared, and now, people look at the and wonder why..

I hope today we're not gonna see any facepalm evoking stuff. The concept here is, a replica of a legendary car from a legendary movie..

Now, a couple of interesting facts about the movie 'Taxi'. You can google them all. I'll just name a couple..

The phrase, 'Hey, Bavarians, do you still ride tractors?' : Let's go. Let's go. : Why, Bavarians? Do you still ride tractors?.

Cost Luc Besson $2 million after a lawsuit from Mercedes-Benz. The box office was $200,000,000 so I think they did it with a huge smile across their face..

Although, I think it's pretty hard parting with $2 million even if you have $200 million. Fun fact №2. The movie was filmed in Marseille, I think. And the authorities forbade nighttime filming..

All the races were shot in the daytime. If we have a chance, we will take a ride on the streets of Rostov in the night. If there's no opportunity, you'll at least get to listen to the engine. You'll feel like you're inside with us. We've already taken a ride on a highway. That footage is coming in a jiffy. The car surprised me big time. So here are my impressions of riding it..

So we're riding a 3L (2.9 L to be exact) V6. I want to kick down. Feels nice, some exhaust there..

On the inside, it's no Taxi, for sure. It's very 'Taxi' on the outside. And when you ride, people turn around and stare at the car The car really draws attention.

There's a traffic cam. Let's not speed up. Although this green Matiz seems to be getting up our neck. I think they want a race..

People even stare out of the windows. Look!.

I wish we filmed that reaction! There were, like, 8 people staring out of the window. Do you get stopped often? : No. They just give me this long glare. There they are. Look, they're gonna have a radar in their hand..

Oh, come on! Look! 150 km/h! It goes! The car's 20 years old. 170. Someone was there in the way. Listen to this roar. Ooohh....

At the moment, these cas are probably better than the 124 Mercedes. Maybe it's just your car, Dima. I mean, it takes pains to find a 124 Mercedes. The proofing sucks big time. Honestly. Gotta proof the doors. They rattle too much. 190 km/h. We're riding uphill, and the car is accelerating. We are going 190, and it still is accelerating, uphill. I bet we look awesome from the outside right now. Taxi Marseille on its way! 200 And here comes the real 200 km/h..

Yeah, sure, it takes a while to accelerate. But, hey, what the hell? The car's 20 years old! 205 km/h. It swings a little, but I still feel pretty confident and in control..

Now, let's speed down to 170 and change the lane..

At 180-190 km/h the control is good enough so you can turn away from a hit or something..

Unlike those terrifying videos where something's flying towards your car, you slightly turn the wheel, and your car's like ona roller-coaster. The car's holding on to the road pretty good. Well, this is 190. Look. Perfectly fine. : Tbh, I don't even feel it's that fast. Not at all. Really. Doesn't feel like it. Besides that, we did do some side action on it. Dima didn't want it but I begged him for a teeny bit. At least for a couple of slow-motion frames..

A couple of fun facts about this paerticular car. This 3L V6 engine (as I've mentioned) has the milage of 300 000 km, I don't know of this is the real figure, or if it has ever been altered, to the + side or to the -. But Dima claims the engine has never been repaired. The previous owners might have repaired it, no? Noone ever did? Like it's a Japanese car, but from France. I mean, Japanese cars don't run for this long..

Fun facts about Dima. He is the person whose re-covering work you see in almost every review of ours. Almost everything Tigran crafts goes straight to Dima's hands for re-covering..

He was the one to do the re-covering of the '13's covers, he was the one who re-holstered the Hummer. And about 18 gazillion of our other projects. All of it was his work. The car is very much loved by him. And in it, he applied his skills, too. The interior is completely covered in alcantara and leather. Not exactly natural leather, is it?.

Dima is a big time Pro. Sometimes, he can find artificial leather that may be not better than genuine leather, but it is at least as good as real leather. And in some respects, it's even better. Dima re-covered my BMW steering wheel. It's such a joy now. Feels like every single thing there is re-covered. Did you leave anything? Oh, did you re-cover the roof? : Yep. Alcantara. Okay, I'll find what you haven't done yet. Oh, have you done the blinders? : No. Told ya I'll find! The interior comes from a Peugeot 406 coupe. Both the front and the rear seats. It's got 2 spots in the back, basically. Well, I guess you could fit a third person there..

Someone who doesn't care for their ass. 'cuz they're gonna break it againt that thing there. Actually, the interior is really nice. I like it. I was really surprised that the car's good on the inside, and runs fine..

It doesn't feel like an old car that has flaws here and there. The proofing sucks, tho..

But it can be taken care of. It's just the doors are not noise-proofed, and at 200 km/h, you start hearing it..

You can feel the dynamics very well. All the time you stay accelerate at 1st gear, it skids..

Feels fun. What's not fun is that it's a front drive. Rear drive cars are nicer to drive..

In order to mae it look exactly like the movie car, a spoiler was installed, and these two things on the roof..

I don't know what to call them. Are these air input units or something? Now, they are mosquitto input units. And, of course, the Taxi Marseille cap. Would be cool if the next owner is a cabbie. People are gonna freak. I mean, they call a cab, and there's Taxi Marseille waiting for them. Just iagine the emotions of someone calling a cab, and geting down to see Taxi Marseille waiting for them..

We've seen a whole lotta people stopping buy to take a picture with the car. You can't just stop if you're with this car. Even here, we stopped, the guys there pulled up asking for a pic.

There have been people stopping in the middle of the highway. They just stop, and pull up via the reverse, they get out of their cars, start making photos and videos I can't imagine a today's car to draw that much attention. Even on a Mercedes AMG, you still won't get that hype..

I mean, people are driving somewhere, and they just see the car from the movie. Everyone recognizes it. Noone leaves impartial. The lady on the gas station saw us, smiled and said, 'Boys, I think you got in the wrong city'..

The bumper, like everything esle, was crafted here, in Rostov. Carefully scaled by video and photos..

So there was some serious prepping done. I keep asking Dima, and he says, it's a 100% match. Also, original rims were installed, like those in the movie. I doubted them today, tho. Felt like in the movie the profile was lower, and the rims were bigger. A quest for those with the sharpest eye. Chech out the photos, and tell us if the rims are the exact replica..

And he stuck those blue things on top. Well, I thought he stuck 'em. But he says, they were there in the movie..

Probably, it looked awesome in 1999. Some new cars still drive with those. Some even sport red bolts, or purple ones. The braking system was replaced. The rear bakes were replaced from drum to disc ones..

The front wheels were equipped with real deal 4-pistol brakes with BREMO supports. The exhaust system was also replaced. Some pipes and cans were installed. Dima said it all, I didn't remember a thing..

The objective Dima has was reached. He does have a very noticeable car. He does have a very rare car of which there are only a few in Russia. Two, I think. But those are debaatble, right? Those are not the exact replica, are they? You have the exact-est. So this is the closest knock-off. The original one is exhibited in the Peugeot museum. It's something like Peugeot Entertainment Museum, or ~ Adventure Museum. Can't remember..

Yep, the original is there. If you should be in France, make sure you drop by. The Peugeot Museum is in France? I don't know where it is. I don't like Peugeot. Why did you buy a Peugeot? Because of the Luc Besson 'Taxi' movies? I've never loved those. My wife had a Peugeot 206. I mean, I loved flying it. Like, not driving - flying. I mean, you look at it and think - what the hell? It broke, and not a single person could fix the damn thing..

I started cursing the French, and then I realized that I wasn't the only one to do that. I don't know. Maybe things are different now, but back in the day, it was a huge pain in the neck. I still carry that dislike to the brand. Then, I watched a TopGear where they pretty much molested the brand. Big time..

It's either they never got paid bt Peugeot or they hate the French so much they do think French cars are crap. However, there is an opinion that Peugeots were over after the 406. I think, thay opinion belongs to the 406 owners. However, the engine has 300 000 km on it without repair. I'll take Dima's word for it. Oh, bullshit. I don't buy it. 300K, come on!.

No way! Yeah, we never tested the max speed today. Dima claims he once drove 240 km/h, right?.

On a road with no speed limit and no other cars. Well, we reached 205 today. It's okay. It could go more, tho. Sure, after 150, it loses some of the dynamics..

But all in all, the car speeds up okay, not... Holy crap! Okay, let's repark..

To sum up, the car left a very positive impression. I was really surprised. I thought this was gonna be a rustcan with nice looks. But it runs nice, turns nice, no looseness on bumps..

I guess we could say it's in perfect condition. For 20 years of age, it is perfect..

The interior is nice and cozy. And gotta regard Dima for not just taking care of the car or giving it a second life,.

But for giving it eternal life. Cinematography is something that lasts forever. And this is exactly how everyone remembers that very car. I think it was one of the first racing movies..

I mean, hard core racing. Fast and Furious came later, I think..

You've been begging for this review for quite a while. I hope you liked it. I myself enjoyed the ride very much. Some reviews you shoot because you have to, with not much enthusiasm. Today, I enjoyed driving it. Special thanks to Dima. He's great. He wasn't too strict so I did get to fly it alright..

It was a great pleasure. A 20-year old car. No turbines, no chips, no nothing. If anyone wants to buy it, subscribe to Dima's Instagram. I don't know what esle I can post. I don't think posting his number would be reasonable..

Subscribe to his instagram. It's straight under the video. And it's right here, too. Btw, Luc Besson himself liked Dima's photo. He wrote a comment, right? Something like, 'Drive safely'. Knowing what kind of car this is..

He warned, yes. But Dima says, it is still very pleasing that Luc Besson commented his photo..

And I am pleased by the fact that I have more subscribers than Luc Besson. Okay. Bye, everyone. Live LOUD..

Dima, the car ow-- Fuck this gnat! There's a Peugeot. A yellow one. Gotta let it through..

I don't really trust Peugeot. They took it into account and ins -- Oh, fck it! We'll just cut it out..

Now? Or should I do it harder? : Nay, it's okay. This thing fell off, man! : Just put it there..

If things go south, just redirect the bill to me! WTF?!

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