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2017 Mercedes-Benz Trucks Highway Pilot Connect

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2017 Mercedes-Benz Trucks Highway Pilot Connect


120 years after the invention of the truck, Daimler Trucks is bringing the truck into the internet. In doing so in the IAA (International Commercial Vehicle Show) year 2016, the world's leading truck manufacturer is demonstrating its technological leadership in the field of connectivity and systematically consolidating its worldwide lead in connected trucks. Around 365,000 Daimler trucks around the world are already connected via the FleetBoard and Detroit Connect systems – more than any other manufacturer can offer. Daimler Trucks is driving the systematic connectivity of its vehicles ahead with all parties involved in the logistical and transport process. The completely connected truck initiates a radical change in transport which will make road goods traffic even more effective and efficient – not only for drivers, haulers and vehicle manufacturers, but also for society as a whole.

Daimler Trucks is systematically implementing this goal: since 2013 connectivity has been an established part of its corporate strategy. To this end the company is investing around half a billion euros in the connection of its trucks, and in the creation of associated new services and digital solutions, in the next five years alone. Starting in the IAA (International Commercial Vehicle Show) year 2016, Daimler Trucks will continuously add new service packages to its already extensive telematics services, and also make its platforms accessible to third parties. The company has also set up the structural framework for the digital transformation of the truck business, and established corresponding structures in all business units.

Today, on the A52 autobahn near Dsseldorf, Daimler Trucks presented an impressive example of the possibilities opened up by the digital connection of trucks: Three WiFi-connected, autonomously driving trucks operated on the autobahn with authorisation for public traffic as a so-called platoon. Such a combination can reduce fuel consumption by up to seven percent and the road space requirement on motorways by almost half - while improving traffic safety at the same time. Based on the Daimler Trucks Highway Pilot system for autonomously driving heavy trucks, the three trucks link up to form an aerodynamically optimized, fully automated platoon. Daimler Trucks calls this advanced system development Highway Pilot Connect.

Bernhard: "We are creating a new, highly efficient and open logistical network."

Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG with responsibility for Daimler Trucks & Buses, explains: “We are connecting the truck with the internet – making him the mobile data center of the logistics network. It connects all those involved in goods: drivers, schedulers, fleet operators, workshops, manufacturers and insurance companies or authorities. They receive information in real time which was previously unavailable: about the condition of the tractor unit and semitrailer, traffic and weather conditions, the parking availability at motorway service stations, rest areas and much more."

"Our trucks fully connect with their environment, becoming part of the internet and continuously sending and receiving information. All those involved in the logistical process can use these real-time data for their needs. In the future it will e.g. be possible to reduce waiting times while loading and unloading, reduce paperwork and avoid traffic jams. With flash updates over the air or automated transfer of inbound time for trucks heading to the service point maintenance time can be reduced significantly. In this way we are considerably improving the performance of goods transport as a whole. An enormous opportunity to intelligently cope with the growing volume of goods traffic. We intend to use it," says Bernhard.

“Today Daimler lays the foundation for the third industrial revolution. In the era of the internet of things all tools and machinery will be equipped with sensors which constantly provide a real time information flow. This will fundamentally change the way we make business. The internet of things is offering completely new opportunities,” emphasizes Jeremy Rifkin, author, sociologist and futurologist.

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